Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JSFUnit 1.2 Goes Final

We just put out a new release of JSFUnit. This time besides bug fixes, we have few new features to talk about:
  • JSF Static Analysis Returns - A big thank-you goes to our newest committer, Alexander Jesse. He has updated some of the old JSF static analysis code and made it really easy to test your JSF configuration for common errors. Some of the old static analysis stuff is still there but his ConfigFilesTestSuite looks awesome. Click here to check out the documentation.
  • New API for working with RichTree components - Of all components, developers using JSFUnit seem to have the most difficulty with RichTree. That's understandable because it is a very complex component. In JSFUnit 1.2.0 the RichFacesClient has new methods for working with RichTree. You can read about that here.
  • Easier Configuration for Servlet 3.0 - If you are lucky enough to be using a Servlet 3.0 container such as JBoss AS6, you no longer need to change your web.xml. JSFUnit will add the needed servlets and filters at deploy time.
  • JSFUnit Console - This is one of the cooler new features, but it also requires Servlet 3.0. JSFUnit now provides a browser-based console for launching your tests. You don't have to do anything extra. You just need to deploy your app and type http://locahost/myjsfapp/jsfunit into the browser. You can read all about it here.
A note about upgrading. If you are upgrading from JSFUnit 1.1.0 you will need to upgrade some of your jars that you package with the WAR. They are:
  • htmlunit-2.7.jar
  • htmlunit-core-js-2.7.jar
  • nekohtml-1.9.14.jar
  • commons-codec-1.4.jar
Also, there have been a few bug fixes in HtmlUnit for RichFaces. So if you run into trouble you can find an HtmlUnit 2.8 snapshot from the latest build that contains the fixes.

As always, thanks to everyone who contributed to this release with patches and feedback.

So long and thanks for all the fish,



Anonymous said...

Hi Stan,

did you heard something from icefaces? Will the ICEfaces 2.0 (it's comming out in June 2010) run with JSFUnit 1.2?


Stan Silvert said...

I don't know for sure, but it should work better than older versions of IceFaces. The new IceFaces is based on JSF 2. The problem with some older component libraries was that they had to do some non-standard stuff to get things to work. With JSF 2 the hacking should be unnecessary.

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