Saturday, June 21, 2008

More JSFUnit on the Road

First Up, Jazoon '08
JSFUnit is hitting the road once again, but this time, it's not me doing all the hitting. Alexander Jesse of Credit Suisse will be giving a JSFUnit introduction at Jazoon next week in Zurich. If you are in Zurich on Tuesday, June 24th be sure to check it out. Jazoon offers one-day passes.
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Second Up, JSF One '08
I'll be doing at least one talk on JSFUnit at JSF One. This is the first dedicated JSF conference in North America. So if you are into JSF, you won't want to miss it. This is scheduled for September 4th in Vienna, VA (close to Washington, D.C.). And, you get two for the price of one because admission to JSF One also gets you into The Rich Web Experience conference.
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By the time JSF One rolls around, we should have a GA version of JSFUnit out. But more on that later.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,