Monday, February 7, 2011

JSFUnit 2.0.0.Beta1 is Out

I'm very excited to announce the availability of JSFUnit 2.0.0.Beta1. The two biggest shortcomings of JSFUnit 1.x were always a lack of JUnit 4 support and relatively slow execution times compared with "mock object" solutions.

The reason we couldn't do anything about this up until now was because JSFUnit 1.x needed Cactus as the in-container test runner. Being in-container has tremendous advantages because you don't need the messy mock objects and you can run your tests against the real system. But Cactus is rather old and it only supported JUnit 3.

So now, JSFUnit 2.x takes advantage of the new in-container framework from JBoss called Arquillian. It not only supports JUnit 4, but you get TestNG support to boot. And depending on the container you choose, the speed can be really fast.

Here are the links you need to know about to get started:
Getting Started with JSFUnit 2.x
Getting Started Sample App
JSFUnit 2.x FAQ
JSFUnit 2.x Annotations

I want to thank those who have helped with this release. Thanks goes to Ole for his nifty new method to click a RichFaces panel bar item. Also thanks to Bernard Labno who has been working hard on some additional RichFaces support. His code hasn't been integrated yet but I'm confident that his work will solve some long-standing issues with ajax queues.

And last but not least, thanks to Aslak Knutsen and all his fellow contributors to the Arquillian project. You guys have been extremely helpful. I'm sure our two products will continue to complement each other and spread the gospel of in-container testing.

So long and thanks for all the fish,